The Hot Cross Bun
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Meet the new little man in my life.

The book is based on my imagination and the concept of things may not always be what we expect for them to be.”

In this whimsical story The Hot Cross Bun comes to life and local villagers have a series of funny encounters with fun and fanciful characters.

This book includes a work sheet with questions asking the children their thoughts of why the bun came to life, a secret recipe, a coloring book, and matching full color illustrations. Was it because of Ms. Paula’s singing and dancing as she baked? Or was it because of The Magic of Christmas? The book concludes positively, with the moral of the story being not to lose the gift of imagination. The story, though intended for a child’s impressionable and curious mind, is of sentimental interest to adults and their imagination.

Children and adults alike will enjoy this book, particularly those who remember the characters from this story.

The book is ideal for younger children, as the secret recipe is not complex, however it does focus on a gluten-free healthier choice of life style while spreading happiness.

This is a fun whimsical tale with a good moral for children.

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