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Why Self Publish a Book?

Once you have written your manuscript or have developed your work of art, the first step of self-publishing begins with defining your goals. Ask the big questions first to help determine your target audience. Then, make timing and schedules work together by determining your deadline for having books to sell.

Why Use Writers Block Production?

At Writers Block Production, you can self publish your book and other works of art with help from industry-leading insiders. Since we offer a range of professional editorial, marketing and self-publishing services authors expect from a traditional self-publisher, your book will be at its best when the time comes to compete in the marketplace.

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My Newly Released Book, Inner Turmoil Is Here!

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Author Promotion! New Release! I am so excited to announce the arrival of my new novel, Inner Turmoil! Juliette’s scheme was egotistical on the surface that she would try to find a husband for beautiful, innocent Isabella. All the while she would be trying to fulfill her own greedy desires… Who needs a TV with […]

Make your contribution for a new story!

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Hello everyone! Calling on all Flight Attendants, Pilots, Ground Personnel, and passengers. I’m working on a new story. The primary focus of this book is strange and unusual encounters while working in the airline industry, or traveling as a passenger. Stories that you are willing to share that have taken place in the air, on […]