MAP Systems: A Blend of Creativity and Technology

MAP Systems is a leader in creative and technology service domains. Founded in 1993 as a DTP unit, MAP Systems has witnessed drastic evolution and has achieved multiple milestones that are characterized by its growing service portfolio and an ever-growing list of global clients including professionals, businesses, and individuals. The company maintains a rich and diversified service portfolio that is designed to meet the specific needs of its clients operating in diverse industries. Among the company’s top services are Graphic Design, Digital Conversion, Photo Editing, 2D& 3D Animation, 3D Designs, AR & VR, Digital Archiving, and Prepress assistance.

The company is headed by founder and CEO Mr. Prasad Kotnani. An entrepreneur at heart, Mr. Kotnani started MAP Systems as a venture to support the needs of the prepress industry. With time and the sincere effort of his management team, MAP Systems grew as a multinational company with its branches being located in the Middle East, UK, and the United States.

MAP Systems takes pride in its rich client portfolio that includes names such as Oxford University Press, Penguin-Random House, Harper-Collins, Sage, Cambridge university Press, Pearson, Wiley, Wayfair, FlipKart, etc.

The partnership of MAP Systems with Writers Block Production is expected to bring mutual benefits in terms of enhancement of service portfolio, enhancement of client-base, and an increased capability to fulfill the ever-changing and unique needs of diverse categories of clients.

Creative Solutions

  • Stock Photo Editing
  • Fashion Photo Editing
  • Photo Restoration
  • Website Redesigning
  • Static Web Design
  • Dynamic Web Design

Technical Solutions

  • Web Based App
  • Mobile Apps
  • AR App Development
  • VR App Development
  • Elearning App Development
  • Library Analytics and Reports (LAR)
  • Acquisition, Circulation and Administration (ACA)
  • Cloud Computed Repository System (CCRS)
  • SmartFind iReader (SIR)

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