Hard Love-The Movie
Based on the book by, Paula Perry
Based on the book by, Paula Perry


Based on the , Hard Love, by Paula Perry, the story is centered on Jeffrey Hill and Pamela House. The words, “Till death do us part “and “I do” are put to the test as their whirlwind romance turns sour.

They say love is hard, but where is the limit? How hard is too hard? Jeffrey Hill and Pamela House were newlyweds – saying their vows in front of friends and family. But deep down, they knew their so-called marriage was fake, pretentious and full of lies.

On the day of their wedding, Pamela had here eyes on the back door of the church, ready to make a run for it and escape the facade. Things were just going from bad to worse in their marriage, but still, Jeffrey and Pamela decided to purchase a new home in the hopes of making their love work. A farfetched dream if their ever was one. And to make matters worse, Jeffrey’s unwelcome girlfriend of seventeen years, Sandra, makes an appearance at the Hill’s house-warming party with her own husband, Gerald Wilson.

Amidst all the arguments and madness in their marriage, Pamela had stopped caring and even formed a romantic relationship with her co-worker Mario Barnett. And even though Jeffery had filed for divorce to end the marriage, Pamela wasn’t the least bit concerned. The thought of breaking down and sobbing like a baby didn’t even cross her mind, for living without Jeffery would be much better, because their marriage had already brought much devastation to their careers and way of life. There would be no love lost.

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