The Hot Cross Bun

The Hot Cross Bun comes to life. Was it because of Ms. Paula’s singing and dancing as she baked? Or was it because The Magic of Christmas? Find out in this whimsical story about a magical Christmas Bun.

Author Promotion: New Product, ‘The Hot Cross Bun”

My first children’s book, including a secret recipe, and coloring book.
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This book is dedicated to my friends Dr. George Coleman, Herb Irvin, Sheila Turpentine, Jeff Shea, and my sister Beverly Perry. Your personalities gave my characters personalities.

To my sister Gwendolyn Rucker, thank you for allowing us to use your kitchen as a Test Kitchen for my Secret Recipe.

Traci Spain, thank you for being my Editor.

To my Illustrator Maria Santucci, thank you for your vision of giving my story life.

Trishuanna Ayers, thank you for your friendship. This story is dedicated to your beloved son, Sterling Immanuel Ayers-Neal.

Thank you all for allowing me to be me. Your consistency, support,
patience, friendship, understanding, enthusiasm, have inspired me to keep writing.

And a special thank you to Terry Armstrong, my Technical Advisor, for putting up with me.

This little guy would not be here today without all of you.

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