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To all Artist, Tattoo Artist, and Writers.

The Writers Block Production is an independent African American E-publishing and publishing company. It is our goal is to publish high quality genre fiction, children books, greeting cards, and cookbooks. We also offer Self-Help guides for writing to a range of talented practical and committed individuals. To pursue our mission and goal, we are accepting manuscripts for Romance novels, Gluten Free Cooking, Greetings Cards, Poetry, and children`s book. We have taken this step solely for the purpose of enhancing the writing skills of the people and to identify those who have the potential to write contents that have worth.


Writers Block Production shares a dedication to high standards and a willing to embrace contemporary topics. That is why we are now open to accept the manuscripts for Romance novels, Gluten Free Cooking, Greetings Cards, Poetry, and Children books as well. At Writer`s Block Production, once you have written your manuscript or have developed your work of art, the first step of self-publishing begins with defining your goals. Ask the big questions first to help determine your target audience. Then, rank timing and schedules work together by determining your deadline for having books to sell. The mission of Writers Block Production is “Improving writing skills, one writer at a time”. Furthermore, at the Writer’s Block Production, we allow you to self publish your book and other works of art with help from industry-leading insiders. This helps you in making your customers and identifying your own performance too. Since we offer a range of professional editorial, marketing and self-publishing services authors expect from a traditional self-publisher, your book will be at its best when the time comes to compete in the marketplace. So, you can now write on any of your favorite topics and publish it on our website. As discussed earlier, we are accepting a wide range of general topics now. It is because our prime purpose is to make what is implicit, explicit! In other words, we want to encourage people to write and identify the writers. As we all know that, similar to most of the other arts, writing is also an art which is not possessed by many of us. Hence, we need to encourage those who have this quality so that they come up and tell the world that they are unique. Moreover, writing enhances the literature of any language and the language which has thick and dense literature is considered as the best one. Writing also indicates the literacy level in the people of that nation. Our vision is “A focus writer, a selfless heart, a timeless resolve”.


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For details and information, you can go to FB: Facebook.com/wblockpro, Twitter:   @paulaperry1621, @wblocpro, and Linkedh: Writers Block Production. To look at our work, you may log on to our website www.writersblockproduction.com In addition, for any queries, you may contact us or email us at writersblockproduction@netzero.net or paulaperry@netzero.net or paulaperry@writersblockproduction.com


Please email manuscripts, or samples of your work to either email address.

Contact me at 9012188604.

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