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The launch of Ms. Paula’s Garden, new children’s game, and book.

Writers Block Production needs your help. Our team has been working hard, developing new children’s app game based on the characters from the new book, Ms. Paula’s Garden, by Paula Perry. This book is filled with Pillsbury and McCormick Gluten-Free recipes.




The game is currently available for testing only before it goes on sale in the Apple Store. If you are interested in assisting us, Apple devices, click here:

Download the book to a tablet or desktop computer at
Coupon code is BTQ3UCMZ

Now available at Google Play Store

We only ask for comments and reviews for the game and book, please describe any complications.

So, grab your gloves, garden boots, and a love of learning all about fruits, vegetables, and herbs as you join Ms. Paula in her garden! However, you’ll quickly find out that this garden is filled with more than just vegetables and fruit.

It’s overflowing with games to teach your child hand-eye coordination, spelling, and all about the tasty foods that grow there while immersing them in a beautiful garden setting.

Playing along with Ms. Paula, your child will gain more than just a green thumb. The knowledge picked from this garden will also enhance your child’s view of the world, as they learn about garden favorites from regions all across the globe.

The games are designed for ages 6 to 12 but can be enjoyed by anyone. They are easy to follow and engaging, as they combine yes or no questions and multiple-choice to teach fun, entertaining garden lessons.

From the team at Writers Block Production, we appreciate all of you for your assistance.

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Thank you,

Paula Perry


Writers Block Production

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