Writers Block Production Marketing & Branding

Writers Block Production Marketing & Branding

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Writers Block Production; Unlocking Your Creativity.

The key to your creative process lies within. We will empower you to rediscover it. 

CREATIVITY is the one gift in life that no matter how many times it is used, it never runs out but instead gives room for more imagination and originality like the never-ending fountain of discoveries and adventures that can only be activated when accessed. Developing an idea from concept to abstract form, however, requires a certain level of dedication and determination that while to others is passion-driven and innate, some have to perfect the art over time by training to acquire this particular skillset. It is also common to experience interference which affects a person’s creativity now and then. This could greatly impede what to others is their livelihood. It takes a certain level of technique to be able to move past this stage in order to be open to formulating more ideas and be continually inspired to create without cessation.

Writers Block Production, LLC is an independent African American e-Publishing Company that is committed to investing in the creativity of people. Our focus is on unpublished authors -Voices Without A Platform – whom we assist in decreasing their publishing costs, presenting fresh concepts and ideas for their stories, and introducing their works to the public. The result is that we offer a comprehensive list of novels, app games, musical trends, technical tools, connections to social media platforms, exploring a healthy living, app game development, and so much more. By concentrating on contemporary topics, our goal is to publish and develop high-quality Children Books, children App Games, Mobile Apps, Desktop Games, greeting cards, and cookbooks, as well as offering Self-Help guidance for writing to a range of talented practical and committed individuals.

Our company philosophy is simple: Continue to focus on what makes you happy, and invest in people who invest in you!

What inspired our name as a company is a realization that there are many people who desire to fulfill their dreams of writing, know what they want to write, but not how to write it. With writers’ block being a real stumbling block in most journeys, we seek to encourage writers to look past their Writers Block and come up with numerous other ways to find inspiration and market their work. It is all about looking beyond the writing and becoming creative with your stories.

At Writers Block Production, LLC, our distinguishing feature is that our cultural diversity and ease of inclusivity permits us to stand out from other e-Publishing companies. This fuels our shared dedication to embracing contemporary topics that are encouraging and supportive of our clients and customers. We also offer all our clients personalized yet versatile services to meet them at their points of need thus ensuring we offer them genuine support every step of the way. By joining our community of creatives and risk-takers, the sky is only but another limit to be exceeded as we endeavor to provide products of uncompromising quality and integrity to the entire community at large.

Some of our books include Children Books such as The Hot Cross Bun, My Aunt Is A Witch, Ms. Paula’s Garden, Samantha Makes An A, among others. As well, currently, our App Games are The Hot Cross Bun, The Hot Cross Bun Coloring Pages, My Aunt Is A Witch, Ms. Paula’s Garden, and more children’s books and games are in development.

Our mission is to continue growing as a company while uplifting the community by either helping them discover and nurture their talents or providing them with a whole assortment of great products as a small company with big visions.


In order to further our plans to continue expanding, we are requesting your help. We have developed potential products that are marketable to our wide audience and are seeking funding to be able to manufacture our products. We also seek the support of our continuous branding development from existing products to those currently under development including, our game-changing cable programming which will certainly bring so much great content and value to people’s lives. These are just s, some of the projects we have underway and your kind generosity will go a long way towards ensuring that the creative process doesn’t end.

Thank you so much for your time and we invite you to stand with us during this time.


Market, manufacture, branding products, development of our game-changing cable programming, and cartoons based on our characters.

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Writers Block Production Marketing & Branding



Thank you for your support.

Paula Perry



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