0 PRETTY WOMEN HUSTLE MAGAZINE 2023 August Cover. What an honor!

  What an honor! I am on The August 2023 Cover. Read the full article here. 👆 I hope you will enjoy reading my story. Please share with your friends and family.      

0 Listen Here!

If you missed it? Listen here. Listen to the interview with Terry Strong iHeart Part One. Hard Love, On iHeart Paula Perry’s interview with Terry Strong iHeart Discussion about her Book, upcoming Movie, becoming Executive Producer, Creative Writer, and Signature Shoe Collection about Paula Perry’s Hard Love. Please Share and Like. Comments […]

Writers Block Production Collection, by Paula Perry
0 Writers Block Production Collection

Love isn’t always easy – but fashion can be! Inspired by my Best Seller book, “Hard Love.” Make heads turn, and eyes widen on your special day. I am very proud to introduce Writers Block Production Collection by Paula Perry! Welcome to the footwear that is cunning, crafty, and full of confidence! This insanely fashionable […]