A critical factor in establishing a focus is setting a goal. Research is positioning yourself for important elements of your manuscript. Readers want to be engaged in “what’s next?” Research also improves the quality of the text. Leave a Like and a comment. Let’s start chatting about Researching important information for your manuscript.

A Focused Writer
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Is your story developed with specific details that are related to the main event? Do all of the details move the story along? Does your story have enough elaboration so that your reader can see and feel what is happening? Leave a Like and a comment to get started. Contact us @ for help […]

Hard Love Part 1

Jeffery Hill, do you take Pamela House to be your lawfully wedded wife to have and to hold through sickness and in health, for richer or poorer? “I do!” We are standing before our friends and family telling lies. Our lives will never be the same after today. I believe that is one of the […]

You are a writer!

Start with whatever interests you—the book you loved or hated. Things  you are struggling with in your life.  Start with a short story about yourself. If you’re wondering.  Some details are okay—in fact, you’re more likely to connect with readers by giving them some idea of who you are—just if its  something you’d be embarrassed to […]