Romance of A Lifetime Part Two

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Title: Romance of A Lifetime Pt. 2

Category: Romance

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ISBN: 978-194478270-2

Author: Paula Perry

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Romance Of A Lifetime

Romantic, Seductive, Soul Searching, & Fateful

Everyone in the room was dancing and having a good time. We’d just raised the roof at the Prince Concert and now we managed to find out where the Prince after-party was taking place. Andre’ and I were partying just as hard as everyone else like it was ‘1999.’
For a moment I thought I’d caught a glimpse of Ron. I stopped dancing and froze into a manikin like pose with a pale expression on my face signifying blatant confusion. He was coming through the door holding a woman’s hand. I felt paralyzed. My hands suddenly dropped to my side, they felt cold and clammy. He looked just as surprised to see me as I did him. Ron gave me a faint smile and a schoolboy wave. They stood across the room trying to ignore us. She had a tight grip on his arm. It was obvious they were together as a couple.
Dumbfounded, suddenly my body went numb. A bad salty taste formed in my mouth, I felt nauseated looking over at them. I could not believe what I saw before me. Ignoring me with his back turned, Ron removed her hand from around his arm and walked toward the bar pushing his way through the crowd. Astonished Andre’ stepped in the way breaking my stare, “Was that Dr. Ronald Jessup I just saw come in with another woman holding on to him?”
Unable to speak, I could only nod my head implying yes. At last the words barely came out, “Yes, that’s Ron, with the woman in the pink dress?”
Andre’ was furious, he put his hands over his face, “I must be dreaming.” With bitterness, he quickly lowered his hands and looked across the room exasperated with another man, much like a protective brother would be. Unable to move feeling like weights were strapped to my ankles, I stood there thinking he would eventually come over and talk to me, but he never did. Instead, he returned his attention to the woman ignoring me. This time, the woman kissed him on the lips. He tried pulling away from her, but she wasn’t letting go. Instead, she held on to his arm tighter, it was as if she saw me across the room watching them.

Romantic, Seductive, Soul Searching, & Fateful
Their relationship appeared to be perfect until one fateful night, at a Prince Concert when she sees him with another woman. When Pamela’s world suddenly falls apart, she searches for the truth of why their relationship appeared to have failed. Pamela’s Romance Of A Life Time led her on a soul-searching adventure.


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