Custom Design Covers


We will work with you and one of our Artists to create an effective book cover showcasing your books’ unique story.


Price: $500.00

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Custom Design Covers

Initial phone consultation with one of Writer’s Block Productions, LLC liaisons and contract

Artist to discuss and collaborate on your vision for your book cover

  • A unique, style and theme.
  • Two custom book cover options to choose from: one option based on our vision plus a second option that the designer recommends
  • Two revisions based of your selected cover option
  • Feedback and recommendations directly from the designer

Custom placement of your synopsis, author photo and on the back cover, plus cover formatting.


How It Works

You’ll consult directly with a representative from Writer’s Block Productions, LLC who will guide you through the cover design process and act as a liaison between you and the Artist. Your liaison and Artist will capture your input and facilitate any requested changes. Throughout the design process, you’ll be able to collaborate, provide feedback and make important decisions about your book cover’s look and feel. Here’s how the process works:

  • Provide Writer’s Block Productions, LLC with a synopsis of your book and a description of any visual ideas for your cover.
  • Discuss and articulate your book cover ideas via phone consultation and written communication with your liaison and Artist.
  • Review the two cover options created by our experienced book cover designer. One option will reflect your input; the second option will reflect the professional designer’s recommendation, based on your book’s genre and storyline.
  • Select the cover concept that best matches your vision and provide any additional feedback (i.e. image, color or font changes). You’ll have the opportunity to provide a second round of feedback to your design team. For each round, we’ll present one revised option reflecting your input, as well as a second option based on our experienced book Artist recommendations.
  • Approve your final book cover design-including the back cover text, author photo and barcode-for publication.